Butterfly & Sea Essences

Butterfly & Sea Essences

This is a book to change the way we live our lives - an opening door to the mysteries of the Cosmos which will show us how to apply and understand the most ancient and most complete system of well-being. This is using the energies of life itself to help every aspect of our lives, in the most gentle, natural and complete way.

'We are beings of light' - the only 'system of well-being' which is completely suitable for such Beings, are the energies of Light itself - the Cosmic Rays! Working with 'Beings of Light', Erik has brought into a liquid form, life energies in the form of the Butterfly and Sea Essences, through the vehicle of Aura-Soma.

This book details 84 essences from the Solar Colour Beings - the Butterfly Essences, and the 42 essences from the Sea Devas, the Sea Essences. It is an introduction and reference guide to these 126 essences that anyone can use, whether you have used Aura-Soma products before or not.

Nimi: Butterfly & Sea Essences, An Introductory Guide
Kirjoittaja: Erik Pelham
Koko: 15.5x23 cm, 256 sivua.
Pehmeäkantinen, englanninkielinen.

Huom! Normaalit Aura-Soma opiskelijoiden, konsulttien ja ammatinharjoittajien alennukset eivät koske tätä tuotetta.

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Koko 15.5x23 cm